Good News For All Our Customer.

Now we are providing  all range of LCD, DLP, CRT and the New technology LED Projector 3D Screen. 

By selecting one product in the list of projectors below, you will be able to get prices for projectors from our Customer services adviser, 

We are providing wholesale and retail new, used or refurbished projectors. If you are looking for home, small office use or for professional business use such as Cinema, 3D theater please contact us you are more then welcome.

Please find list below.

  1. 3D Projector
  1. Business Projector
  1. HD Projector
  1. LCD & DLP Projector
  1. Full HD Projector
  1. Home Cinema Projector
  1. LED Projector
  1. 1080p Projector
  1. Cheap Projector
  1. Multimedia Projector
  1. Home theater Projector
  1. Video Projector

    3D Screens
    3D silver screen Projection Screen Fabric
  1. Roll width 2.1m x Linear Metre
  1. Roll width 2.2m x Linear Metre
  1. Roll width 3.15m x Linear Metre
     Rear Projection Screen Fabric
  1. Roll width 1.4m x Linear Metre
  1. Roll width 3.2m x Linear Metre

Please note:

All our product are subject to availability and price will given upon request and on customer enquiry.


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